Fields of Practice

Commercial Litigation

The staff of Etgar & Co. Law Offices holds in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of commercial litigation. We have been representing clients for decades in unique and complex commercial litigation issues.

The firm’s attorney are experts in various fields of law and are able to take a broad view when dealing with lawsuits involving corporations, local authorities, and real estate.

Our clients include commercial corporations, municipal corporations, non-profit organizations, various businesses, and company shareholders and executives.

The firm handles various complex claims and lawsuits in a variety of areas, including financial claims, construction defects, breach of agreement claims, shareholder disputes, estate filings, wills and inheritance, labor and work-related claims, administrative petitions, and real estate claims, including property dispossession, claims following complicated sale transactions, etc.

Our attorneys are well-known and highly regarded in various courts of law, including family courts, labor courts, and even the Supreme Court of Israel.

The firm’s attorneys possess unique expertise in representing and assisting claims arising from construction defects. From drafting warning letters all the way up to legal proceedings in court (where necessary), we assist our clients - contractors and tenants alike - throughout the entire process of construction defect claims.
Our attorneys have broad knowledge and wide-ranging experience in managing collection and execution proceedings related to various debts, including collateral realization, and liabilities and deeds for institutions, local authorities, companies, and individuals. We also handle foreclosure impositions, asset seizure, and the appointment of a receiver. Additionally, we represent our clients in liquidation and receivership proceedings The firm’s staff has in-depth expertise in the field of banking. Within this framework, we are capable of providing ongoing legal counsel in this complex field, including assistance in complicated banking contracts, special loans and mortgages, and litigation proceedings before various courts of law.

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