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Corporate Law

Corporate law is an intricate field in which the interests of the public, government regulators, and businesses intersect and conflict. Furthermore, this area requires lawyers to take a comprehensive business perspective, alongside a deep understanding of client needs in an ever-changing legal landscape.

The firm’s attorneys have collectively accumulated years of experience in the field of corporate law. We are a “home” for both small and large companies, including some of the largest entities in Israel, and assist our clients in the ongoing management of their affairs, as well as providing representation. Adv. Jeshayah (Shayke) Etgar, the founder of Etgar & Co. Law Offices, is recognized as a leading attorney in the field of corporate governance. He also lectures in certificate courses for directors and executive officers at Bar-Ilan University. Adv. Jeshayah(Shaykee) Etgar’s expertise gives our staff a unique advantage as he freely shares his in-depth knowledge, acquired over many years, with the firm’s attorneys.

We take pride in representing our clients and providing them with support and assistance. This includes answering any type of legal issue that may arise during the company’s lifecycle and representation before courts of law in lawsuits dealing with administrative law, commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, and labor law disputes. We provide ongoing counsel, in addition to assistance in filing claims with various courts of law.

Our clients include Israeli companies, as well as foreign ones, which conduct business in Israel.

The process of establishing and managing a non-profit organization is not an easy task. It involves various legal proceedings, a significant number of which have far-reaching effects on the conduct of the organization and its managers. The firm’s staff provides comprehensive legal support to non-profit organizations and assists them at various stages. For example, we support them during the establishment stage, including drafting the organization’s by-laws and setting up the association’s entities. Our attorneys also provide ongoing legal advice regarding daily operations, including representation in litigation proceedings, negotiating transactions, etc.
Municipal corporations are considered separate legal entities from local authorities, although they are owned by local authorities. Municipal corporations provide services to residents, promote business-based projects, and develop municipal assets. This is a complicated field in which the varied interests of the public, local authorities, regulators, and businesses intersect and even conflict with one another. Hence, these bodies need ongoing legal counsel and legal responses to the numerous and complicated issues that regularly arise. Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar was appointed by the Ministry of Interior and previously served as head of the Committee of Public Inquiry, Examination, and Consultation for Municipal Corporation Affairs. The firm’s staff provides ongoing counsel and representation to municipal corporations. This includes assistance in the establishment of the municipal corporation, its ongoing and proper management, legal advice to the corporation’s Board of Directors and managerial staff, as well as representation in litigation cases and transactions that the municipal corporation carries out. Additionally, the firm’s staff specializes in representing municipal corporations and local authorities in unique and complicated cases, including representation in development proceedings; management of large industrial parks; agreements with contractors; project management, planning, and communication with developers; statutory corporations and government bodies; constructing municipal infrastructure; expanding the municipal base to strengthen urban fabric and cohesion; and initiating and establishing municipal corporations in profitable business areas with non-profit organizations and income-producing real-estate projects. As part of the firm’s ongoing legal assistance, our attorneys provide legal counsel in various tender procedures and proceedings, including counseling in tender committees, specification of the type of tender proceedings, and drafting tender documentation. We assist the company and the tender committee beginning from date of tender publication. Our staff provides answers to any inquiries, examines the submitted bids, advises the committee regarding the selection of the winning bid, and drafts legal opinions on requisite legal issues in this field.

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