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Election Law and Election Financing

The firm’s staff is uniquely qualified in the field of election law and financing and boasts a wide range of clients, including Knesset members, government ministers, party officials, elected officials, and public sector job holders.

Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar has been an authority in the field for nearly four decades. His expertise has been accumulated from his varied positions, which have included executive roles. Furthermore, he has written extensively on the subject, even publishing a book called “Election Financing” (in Hebrew), a leading work in the field.

Over the years, he has represented leading figures in Israeli politics and has “sealed” groundbreaking rulings, which today form the legal basis for election conduct.

Due to our attorneys’ wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge, the firm has received recognition for its achievements, including:

  • providing counsel regarding the election system of the Knesset and local Israeli authorities, including the Central Elections Committee of the Knesset before the Israeli Supreme Court
  • representation in litigation proceedings regarding protective injunctions in accordance with the limitations of election propaganda law, and the activities of those involved in the campaign
  • counseling in the field of organizing political parties, groups, lists, and candidates at all election levels
  • drafting legal opinions on various issues, as well as taking part in legal hearings, including those before the High Court of Justice
  • representing candidates in different elections in legal proceedings involving election law, election financing law, laws restricting election propaganda, and general laws governing elections
  • significant and meaningful involvement in shaping the norms and standards of election law and election financing law.

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