Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar

Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar is the founding partner of the Etgar & Co. Law Offices. He is a certified notary and one of the leading attorneys in Israel in the field of municipal law and corporate law. Furthermore, Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar is the senior authority in Israel in the field of election law and election financing.

He brings over four decades of experience in providing assistance and counsel to various entities, including local authorities, municipal corporations, planning and construction committees, tender committees, non-profit organizations, private companies, developers, and public and private enterprises.

Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar has extensive knowledge in various fields of law and is capable of assisting the firm’s clients in complex and challenging projects and enterprises, including real estate transactions, development and entrepreneurial projects for governmental/ municipal entities, litigation involving inheritances, corporate governance and regulation, labor law, and election financing law.

He also has wide-ranging experience in commercial law. Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar began his career at Goddard and Ephrat Ltd. in Tel Aviv, providing counsel to clients such as the Bank of Israel, Israel Shipyards Ltd., Bank Hasfanot, and the Ofer Brothers Group. Later on, he worked for the British firm Sears & Co. (Solicitors), where he represented some of the leading firms in London, preparing and assisting them with transactions and contracts, merger proceedings, and liquidation procedures, as well as representing these firms before various courts of law. Some of these cases resulted in establishing important precedents.

Over his long and distinguished career, Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar has acquired knowledge in a particularly unique field – election law and election financing. Thanks to this expertise, he provides legal counsel and assistance to various government bodies, including political parties, groups, committees, Knesset members, government ministers, elected officials, and public sector job holders.

His vast legal knowledge and experience is further complemented by his practical experience in politics. Adv. Jeshayah (ShaykeeEtgar previously served as the personal spokesman for the late Shimon Peres, both in his role as a Knesset member and later as the President of Israel. In 2008, Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar published “Election Financing” (in Hebrew), the definitive work in its field. He has been active for more than three decades in the Knesset’s Central Elections Committee, as well as in various election campaigns for the Knesset and local authorities.

He is also considered an authority in the field of local government, and provides legal assistance to various municipal bodies, beginning with their establishment. Adv. Jeshayah (Shaykee) Etgar provides these bodies with ongoing legal counsel and assists them in large-scale projects in various fields, including real estate, infrastructure, and planning. Some of these cases have even reached the Supreme Court of Israel.

Adv. Jeshayah (ShaykeeEtgar acquired his unique knowledge in the field thanks to his decades-long experience, which has included some of the most complex legal issues and cases in Israel. Furthermore, his academic career as both a writer and lecturer, and his numerous roles, including his appointment by the Ministry of Interior to chair the Committee of Public Inquiry, Examination, and Consultation for Municipal Corporation Affairs, further bolster his credentials and demonstrate his extensive experience.

Adv. Jeshayah (ShaykeeEtgar takes both a professional and personal approach to each client, paying attention to the small details of every case.


LL.B, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1971)


Israel Bar Association (1972)

Certified Notary (1989)


Hebrew, English, French, Romanian

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